Free verse

24/2017: Return to Me

Why can't I believe the words you say I feel like you will only allow me to believe the lies the world tells, so that you will be set free from the guilt of having me wait, even when there is no other for you but me and no place where I exist, that you… Continue reading 24/2017: Return to Me

Free verse

10/2017: Which Story Do You Want to Tell?

The slope of your shoulders, and downward lines on your face, may speak to a life seemingly defeated. But the eyes that gaze with such fervor, remind me that our endings are not yet determined. So square your shoulders, take a breath, and write the story in your eyes. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poems with Author's Note

Day 356: The Reason I am Probably Still Single

I don't get it, no matter the angle from which I consider the question, that blind faith by which you connect the future to an unknown element, another heart. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: The Cynic... So just two poems came to me, one right after the other - Yesterday's post on love (romantic view) and… Continue reading Day 356: The Reason I am Probably Still Single

Free verse

Day 280: My Doubtful Half

Too long, you were the object that blocked my light. I gave you form, held tight with memory and coloured it opaque with stolen intentions. No longer, I refuse to live where the light can't find me. Strip away these layers of dust I let settle over my mind until all my barriers are transparent… Continue reading Day 280: My Doubtful Half

Free verse

Day 7: You do onto Me

Though I try I can’t seem to put my heart out there. How do I give you keys to a door, I just learnt to unlock? Do I leave you a roughly drawn map, so you know how to navigate away from still tender wounds? Can I trust your steps to be light, your hands… Continue reading Day 7: You do onto Me