Free verse

Day 280: My Doubtful Half

Too long, you were the object that blocked my light. I gave you form, held tight with memory and coloured it opaque with stolen intentions. No longer, I refuse to live where the light can't find me. Strip away these layers of dust I let settle over my mind until all my barriers are transparent… Continue reading Day 280: My Doubtful Half

Free verse

Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be

On rocky purchases, with bended knees, try to ride the falling Earth. Catch my breath, only to be thrown again, soundless strikes of thunder before me. Past this storm, lies promises of paradise found. Peaceful moments of life unbound, centred in the waves of time. The path I walked crumbling behind me, the place I… Continue reading Day 215: Where I’m Meant To Be

Free verse

Day 187: Doors

Stand alone in the hallway, rows of doors before me, each one locked, forcing me onward. Not certain what I will find if I keep walking down this path, or should I turn around and run back? But I fear I lost my way to the room I used to know. To the door, I… Continue reading Day 187: Doors

Free verse

Day 180: Chasing Dreams

My first step was broken, a stumble, a misstep, suddenly falling down, I stared at ground, finding comfort in the warm earth. Tucked in a blanket of grass, I found comfort, letting the trees of knowledge take root. My next step was messy, the half starts and tangled roots. Shaking of the earth that had… Continue reading Day 180: Chasing Dreams

Free verse

Day 133: Blank (Dheepan)

Meet me in the space between reality and dreams. Hold me in that moment, so I can deliciously wait still in your arms. The seconds before I awake to the storms left by yesterday's actions. Let's stay here and let the world burn around us. (C) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: This poem was inspired by my… Continue reading Day 133: Blank (Dheepan)

Free verse, Poem

Day 71: The Edge

Standing on the edge There are only two choices Hang by the edge Forever remaining On the precipice Between longing and fear Muscles atrophying Until all you do is fall Or Release the edge Let go of the fears Inhibitions ripped out As the body falls Old doubts buried By wings of will​ Until all… Continue reading Day 71: The Edge