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Cosmic Dance

Move to the song in your heart, the music that is your own. Vibrations at the highest level, a dance with the cosmos. Movement and motion, in perfect synchronicity. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Today is National Dance Day in Canada :). Dancing always helps me get rid of tension and makes me feel connected to… Continue reading Cosmic Dance

Free verse

Day 276: Jungle Dance

Trees weave about me, as if they hear a song whispered in the wind. Notes played, words spoken, rhythm shared among the rustling leaves. The river vibrates, with the sound of soft steps echoing in the ripples of waves, a measured base to the cadence of the night. I gaze up at mountains, craved by… Continue reading Day 276: Jungle Dance

Free verse

Day 200:  When I Dance

Let the music take over  the beat guiding my feet.  On this floor, I have no worries No fear of how I look, Stumbling through life gracelessly.  On this floor, I am queen Commanding the room, Bodies swaying to patterns I draw up high Arms to the sky.  Follow the movement  Of my hips  As… Continue reading Day 200:  When I Dance

Free verse, Poem

Day 108: Dance

Share this dance with me, Let our feet take turns To lead and follow, Until two individual bodies Become a choreographed movement. Allow me to lay my feet on yours To share my burden While you carry my tired heart You long steps making small The trepidations in me. Lay our hands in each other,… Continue reading Day 108: Dance

Free verse, Poem

Day 27: Movement (The Wind Danced)

The ripple of the water, A song of sight, Flow through her body Telling stories of joy and pain In each bend and wave. Her leg stretches, Leaps and twirls Dictating rhythms of will And time. Arms extending, Catching the moments in between, Where the tale ended and Began again. Cyclic stories Of laughter and… Continue reading Day 27: Movement (The Wind Danced)