Free verse

Day 232: Communication

The words I say are not the words you hear. The problem lies in the fact that I forget, You can not read my mind. So I Re-examine the words without implied context and see where they led you astray. When the straight path became windy. But if you don't know me and my intention,… Continue reading Day 232: Communication

Limerick, Poem

Day 47: Modern Communication

Tweet of the day: Had green eggs and ham Open my inbox, and find only spam. Unlimited minutes, no one left to call, Write Happy Birthday xoxo! on your Facebook wall. Don’t need a crew, post a #selfie on Instagram! © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy  

Free verse, Poem

Day 36: Me… To Date

I left my native land as a child, The civil war drove us out And kept us out, My father longed for home, While I found a home, In my adopted country. To this day, My father never understood, “How can you call a place like this home?” He would say, “The racism, the crime!”… Continue reading Day 36: Me… To Date