Couplets, Poems with Author's Note

Day 366: The End

A journey started with trepidation, the weight of so much expectation. How could I have said yes to this year, was I drunk?! It's a bit unclear! Three hundred and sixty-six days to complete, a challenge that is a bit too bittersweet. For finding my voice and words once more, means accepting I had thrown… Continue reading Day 366: The End

Free verse

Day 211: Summer Winds

I spend hours trying to catch it but it just teases me. Playing with my dress, and making my hair escape the braids I tame it into. It knocks me over, challenging me to fight to cross it. But whenever it leaves me, I always feel its warm touch. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Free verse, Poem

Day 93: Fly (3)

I wish I could lock you in my heart, Protect you within these gilded walls, So that you feel no pain, no fear, no terror, All you would be surrounded by is the strength of my love, Titanium strong and unbreakable. But gilded walls are still cages, And one day, I will still have to… Continue reading Day 93: Fly (3)