Day 298: Lost Brothers (Manimaran)

You would have been fifty this year, Blowing out candles on a giant cake, Surrounded by all near and dear Instead, this year's gift is heartache. Empty party halls and wishes, imagining age on your face is it lined with deep creases but still full of grace? Would time have cooled that temper, or would… Continue reading Day 298: Lost Brothers (Manimaran)


Day 281: Brother Mine (Manivannan)

When fear held my hand, you wrestled your demons, to pull me away. In times I saw only darkness, you reminded me that black was made of all colours. The days I missed my father shoulders, you lent me your back. I never feared the path before me, as I could see the outline of… Continue reading Day 281: Brother Mine (Manivannan)

Free verse

Day 279: For a Moment

For a moment in time, an angel walked on Earth. For a moment in time, we were embraced in your love. For a moment in time, my world was protected. For a moment in time, you were my brother. For a moment in time, I had a savior. For a moment in time, you made… Continue reading Day 279: For a Moment