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How Ripples Became a Community – Part 1: Casting the Stone

*The story is much longer than I had expected and will be split into multiple parts.   It would be easy to say that this story starts and ends with Sandra. Even though she was the one who threw the stone into the lake - the ripples went further and wider than I imagined, and they… Continue reading How Ripples Became a Community – Part 1: Casting the Stone


Day 170: Blogging

I started this journey, unsure of what I would find, Unbeknownst to me, it unlocked my mind. Through the keyboard, I met kindred souls, Who had stories to tell and shared the same goal. Through this encouragement, I tried different voices Finding meaning through various word choices. So thank you for challenging me to start,… Continue reading Day 170: Blogging


Liebster Award

I am very excited about my first award nomination. Thank you to Ishan from The Time Traveller for the nomination ( I enjoy the positive message in all the stories. About me: My name is Manivillie. I was born in Sri Lanka, lived in Nigeria (7 years) and now live in Canada. I am the youngest… Continue reading Liebster Award