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Celebrating 3 Years of Collabs

International Womxn's Day has always meant a lot to me. The fight for human rights and a life free of all forms of discrimination drove my career and passion for years. Working on womxn and gender issues has been one of the most rewarding and transformative things I have ever done. I have met womxn… Continue reading Celebrating 3 Years of Collabs

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The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem

Since it is national poetry month in Canada, I wanted to share some of my favourite poems and the reasons they mean so much to me. "Beauty" is special to me for three reasons. 1- The act of writing The first is for the simple act of writing the poem. It's the first poem I've… Continue reading The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem


News – My Trending Stories

Excited to share some great news. I will be one of the contributors for my trending stories, a new media web page. I just posted my first article on the site, one of my favourite poems from the challenge. You can follow me here I will be sharing some of my poems, and articles on this… Continue reading News – My Trending Stories


Day 170: Blogging

I started this journey, unsure of what I would find, Unbeknownst to me, it unlocked my mind. Through the keyboard, I met kindred souls, Who had stories to tell and shared the same goal. Through this encouragement, I tried different voices Finding meaning through various word choices. So thank you for challenging me to start,… Continue reading Day 170: Blogging


Liebster Award

I am very excited about my first award nomination. Thank you to Ishan from The Time Traveller for the nomination ( I enjoy the positive message in all the stories. About me: My name is Manivillie. I was born in Sri Lanka, lived in Nigeria (7 years) and now live in Canada. I am the youngest… Continue reading Liebster Award