339/2017: Nephew

A short little acrostic Just to say how I remember, you thought That I would spend the year Hiding behind acrostics. Please, my dear nephew, Remember, I told you Always try something new So you don’t remain stagnant And always keep learning. Do you dare to follow my footsteps? Seeing that it’s your birthday, and… Continue reading 339/2017: Nephew

Free verse

129/2017: The Blessings of the Sister

When you arrive on this earth with a best friend waiting, you become fearless, not from the strength of your will but from the power of her love, belief and trust, that is the power of an elder sister, the pathfinder and wave-maker, the one who bore the pain first, opening paths and facing the… Continue reading 129/2017: The Blessings of the Sister

Free verse

56/2017: Lessons from my Mother (2): Friendship

She taught me to seek, the ones who would hold my past in their heart, and wrap it with laughter, while promising me, with their eyes, that they would remember me in the future, even if I was not there to greet​ it with them. They in turn shared with me the pieces of her… Continue reading 56/2017: Lessons from my Mother (2): Friendship


Day 340: Enigma (Ajith)

Twenty wishes to manage all your contradictions, like you winning at Risk, is still just a fiction. Grown from golden arches to golden boy, you are still a kid who is fun to annoy. Don't worry; we will let you keep your grand delusions. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: For my nephew, Ajith on the occasion… Continue reading Day 340: Enigma (Ajith)


Day 247: Josephine

In a small frame, comes a boundless curiosity, and enough energy to lite every heart in a city. She walks into your life with pizzazz and flair, a sweet warrior, to whom, the world must be fair. Her mother's wisdom and her father's nose, she is more beautiful than a rose. Her wandering mind does… Continue reading Day 247: Josephine

Limerick, Poem

Day 42: Sweet 16

Sixteen candles on a large birthday cake, A hundred and one wishes with one breath to make. Click and smile, now armed with a license, Behind the wheel sits my little tyrant, This is it, the beginning of our family's headache. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: A fun gift for my niece, Ludshiya Shalini, on her… Continue reading Day 42: Sweet 16