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The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem

Since it is national poetry month in Canada, I wanted to share some of my favourite poems and the reasons they mean so much to me. "Beauty" is special to me for three reasons. 1- The act of writing The first is for the simple act of writing the poem. It's the first poem I've… Continue reading The Story of “Beauty” – My FU Poem

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Day 347: Just You

your beauty is an immutable law of the universe. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: It's my birthday today and to celebrate, I wanted to share these words. Just in case you forget how much you shine.


Day 297: Ugly Duckling

  I always wonder if she found peace when she became a swan. If the other ducks finally saw the value or if for all her struggle, her transformation, she remained an unwanted "other." Would she have traded her snow white feathers for the earthen connection of brown. Her song for a quack, because what… Continue reading Day 297: Ugly Duckling

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Day 56: Beauty

You would be so pretty, If you straightened your hair You would be so pretty, If you just wore some makeup You would be so pretty, If you walked like a lady You would be so pretty, If your skin weren’t so dark You would be so pretty, If you lost a few pounds But… Continue reading Day 56: Beauty