Free verse

Day 317: Brown in Academia

“Problematize yourself and we can begin." Write off your experiences your understanding but speak with no authority. You are the Inside other. Be an outsider of your voice, and allow the colonizing experts to tell you what you meant to say. Remember…! Assumptions about cultures can only be made by the white hand, a brown… Continue reading Day 317: Brown in Academia

Free verse, Poem

Day 63: Diamonds

Weight bears down, An unbearable pressure, Of breathless flights. Trapped within my mind, Shifting mazes, tilting floors, Chasing Cronos through closing doors. Withering hand struggle To hold loving connections, Mosaic memories refracted in light. Sacrifice and passion Collide in transition Transformation found in sparks. Brilliant diamonds of fiery will, Icy polish of bright minds, Radiant… Continue reading Day 63: Diamonds

Free verse

Day 18: Ivory Towers

Easy is getting caught in these words, Flowing out of me on to the keyboard, Sharply defined letters on blank spaces. Constructing fantasies of broken lands, Heroes who fight against the "-isms," Of race, gender, ability and sexuality. Villains, simplistic and pure, Their corruption unlinked to stories of Colonial pasts, privileges, and power. Every action… Continue reading Day 18: Ivory Towers