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Chakra Opening

Who knew that waking up could be so exhausting? That leaving the material world behind would claw away at your reserves? I forgot... that when you open your eyes, you not only begin to see, but start receiving. You awaken from the deepest sleep, surrendering all free will. Realizing that there is only one that… Continue reading Chakra Opening

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Workshop Details

Hi all, I will be hosting my very first online workshop for writers and other creatives! Date: Saturday May 23, 2020 Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time - Toronto) Location: virtual You can register at: Whether you are a new writer, an experienced writer, or just curious, this workshop is a… Continue reading Workshop Details

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Meditation – Secrets

Have I not been listening to you speak? Ignoring the path you laid open? Stubbornly clinging to my physical senses. Deflecting what I felt didn’t fit, a world I saw through five senses. How do apologize for the dam I built, stopping the river that connected us. Admit the pain I felt was because I… Continue reading Meditation – Secrets

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Cosmic Dance

Move to the song in your heart, the music that is your own. Vibrations at the highest level, a dance with the cosmos. Movement and motion, in perfect synchronicity. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: Today is National Dance Day in Canada :). Dancing always helps me get rid of tension and makes me feel connected to… Continue reading Cosmic Dance

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Addressing Writer’s Block

I hate the sense of panic that arises when I feel the words running dry, as if it were water bleeding from my pen; cut-off from its reservoir of creativity. Or those moments that seem infinitely worse, when my lips can taste the words dancing away from the tip of my tongue. There is nothing… Continue reading Addressing Writer’s Block

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Haiku: My Introduction to Poetry

The first poem I ever wrote was a Haiku. It was an assignment for my grade 5 English class, and before that, I had never even embraced the thought of poetry. I will admit, the thing that got me hooked on writing it, was both my fear of failing - my dad would kill me,… Continue reading Haiku: My Introduction to Poetry