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Your Greatest Lesson

You taught me how to get over you. My heart stopped racing with every text, no longer hurting when they weren't yours. I stopped expecting to be your first or last thought, making peace with being an afterthought. I learned not to listen for your concern no longer replaying words for hidden messages. My tongue… Continue reading Your Greatest Lesson

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30/2017: Break

I can see them try to break you, this other, a thing that exists outside the comfort of what they think they know too scared to see you and their face reflected in your eyes. To look those powerful eyes, that allow no lies, and ask them to stare at the hate that they made… Continue reading 30/2017: Break

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Day 366: The End

A journey started with trepidation, the weight of so much expectation. How could I have said yes to this year, was I drunk?! It's a bit unclear! Three hundred and sixty-six days to complete, a challenge that is a bit too bittersweet. For finding my voice and words once more, means accepting I had thrown… Continue reading Day 366: The End

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Day 365: Unbreakable Ties

We are together in every moment, by my side, you may not stay, the heart does not see any distance, nor any debts to repay. Bound not rules of obligation, but strands formed from love and memories, and then further fortified by passion, a rope built with shared stories. Pull the cord as far as… Continue reading Day 365: Unbreakable Ties

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Day 360: Joyful Sounds

A day of respite, from the troubles of yesterday, a moment with loved ones, to show how they brighten your way. It's the silence, that follows a thoughtful meal, the looks of contentment, that need no words of hurray. A warm laugh, followed by a loving touch, for jokes heard too often but that sound… Continue reading Day 360: Joyful Sounds

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Day 358: The Moon’s Awakening

Cast in the silvery glow of the moon, I see the truths I kept hidden, the lies I took comfort in believing and the people who found joy in my pain. Cast in the silvery ray of the moon, I see the silver threads of power in my skin, the light of the universe reflected… Continue reading Day 358: The Moon’s Awakening

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Day 357: Sisters by Love (Dharshi/Anni)

Weaving those family ties to keep connections strong she won't stand for lies, and turn a blind eye to wrongs. A fierce protector in a sari she guards those who are hers for her heart see the beauty of each of our true colours. She is the calm in the storm who willingly scarifies her… Continue reading Day 357: Sisters by Love (Dharshi/Anni)

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Day 356: The Reason I am Probably Still Single

I don't get it, no matter the angle from which I consider the question, that blind faith by which you connect the future to an unknown element, another heart. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: The Cynic... So just two poems came to me, one right after the other - Yesterday's post on love (romantic view) and… Continue reading Day 356: The Reason I am Probably Still Single

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Day 355: When He Asks me if I Would Leave…

"I don't know the future," I gently tell him, his face cradled between the hands, he had just warmed from his touch. "But the me, that exist in this here and now, cannot envision a life where you are not holding me at night." © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: My Romantic side....