22/2017: Crush

This is just a little crush, which makes every part gush. Not rooted in reason, but the feelings just deepen. How do I stop the words from flowing, before the joy in my heart starts showing. Just being around you make me smile, I just want to stay beside you awhile. Enjoy the feelings of… Continue reading 22/2017: Crush

Couplets, Poems with Author's Note

Day 366: The End

A journey started with trepidation, the weight of so much expectation. How could I have said yes to this year, was I drunk?! It's a bit unclear! Three hundred and sixty-six days to complete, a challenge that is a bit too bittersweet. For finding my voice and words once more, means accepting I had thrown… Continue reading Day 366: The End


Day 359: Family

These bonds that time did make, can never be mistaken for fake. Through blood we may not be linked, there is no confusing we are now synced. A family of choice, let's take today to rejoice. These ties that connect us, and all the blessings that are countless. © Manivillie Kanagasabapathy AN: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! No… Continue reading Day 359: Family


Day 326: Chasing the Dream

Too many choices, even fear the right one, so much to lose, even after the game's won. How do I pick a path, a way forward, when the future before me is blurred? Keep juggling opportunities in endless motion, chasing the dreams of boundless fortune. What happens if I drop these balls, will the heavens… Continue reading Day 326: Chasing the Dream


Day 319: I Dream of Flames

If I could be anything, I would be fire, stirring the heart, so it would never tire. Buring brightly and hot, a temptation for all, but alas, only the strongest would not fall. Within my flames, all the colours would reside, passionately devouring the lies that we hide. Flames mesmerize with reflections of truth and… Continue reading Day 319: I Dream of Flames


Day 307: Stumble

Why do I stumble over my words, in this mad desire to be heard. Staggering, fast and without pause, nervous that you will notice the flaws. Reason and emotion stand on opposite ends, pretending that they don't have the same intent. If I can survive this night, my heart intact, then maybe I will, finally,… Continue reading Day 307: Stumble


Day 303: Light

Let the light inside out, It will guide your route. Show you the path you lost, remind you life is not the cost. That love cannot be weighted, and time cannot be swayed. Feelings are left to be captured, in moments that are empowered. For the light that shines today will never lead you astray.… Continue reading Day 303: Light


Day 261: Trials of the Chosen

Strength is in survival, they say As if these words will save the day. For scars drawn across the heart by God, are somehow more revered and awed. Only the worthy will conquer the struggle, Blissfully living away from the battle. Strength borne on shoulders, broad and stable, Tested with bricks and stones thrown by… Continue reading Day 261: Trials of the Chosen

Couplets, Rhyming

Day 201: Finding Your Way

When you are left wondering what your life's lot is, do you surrender to the force of nature that you fought? Is there a grand master plan, to explain your path or merely a great illusion created to control your wrath? If reality stems from some divine being glorious dream, do I need to stop… Continue reading Day 201: Finding Your Way