Two books on a dark brown coffee table
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Until the Words Run Pure

So excited to announce the publication of my eight poems in 2 anthologies by the Toronto Writer’s Collective: “Bent not Broken” and “Until the Words Run Pure.”

Two books on a dark brown coffee table
Photo of the 2020 Toronto Writer’s Collective Analogies

The anthologies are collections of poems, short stories, and essays from diverse and creative voices across Toronto. Copies are available for purchase.

Participating in the Toronto Writer’s Collective workshops was one of the highlights of 2019. I learned a lot about storytelling and sharing my voice. However, the hardest and best part for me was getting my poems edited.

Sharing my words for review and critique is still hard for me because they are personal, and I get attached to specific terms I choose. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be okay with someone’s taking it apart. However, my mentor Patrick Connors created a welcoming environment and helped all
of us at the workshop embrace new thoughts and ideas.

I am so proud of the work I submitted and that the title of the second book, “Until the words run pure,” came from my from the poem “Words.”

If you would like to order a copy of the books, you can contact me at


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