Close up image of painting of leaves on peach background
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Rooted to the Truth

I am rooted in your history,
our paths intertwined.

The awakening of humanity;
opening hearts to injustice
souls connecting through time.

Liberation through freedom,
voices aligning through love.

Change is not a dream,
but a truth to be lived.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Painting of 3 fists in the air, with leaves entangled in them. Leaves on the top of the canvas
“Rooted to the Truth” by Thiviyaa Sehasothy

AN: A collaboration with one of my favourite artist – the always amazing Thiviyaa Sehasothy of Art By Thiviyaa. Our collaborations are jointly created through conversations, exchanges of ideas and honest conversations.

We really wanted to speak to the Black Lives Matter movement and the impact it has had on our own growth as individuals, and participants in society. We 

Thiviyaa Sehasothy

Thiviyaa Sehasothy in front of her paintings with a brush and pain tray.
Artist Thiviyaa Sehasothy

Thiviyaa Sehasothy is a Toronto artist and painter with a passion for evoking emotion through her artwork. Featured in over 16 exhibits around Toronto, including Nuit Blanche, Thiviyaa’s work has received critical acclaim and was chosen as a juror’s choice.  Additionally, her work was published in two art books and used in fashion and creative shoots in Ontario.

Her paintings have bold and heavy brushstrokes and bright colors influenced by her experiences, travels, and the world around her. The artistic exchange between the outdoors and her canvas is very evident in her work. Thiviyaa’s work ranges from landscape, abstract to portraiture. She is best known for her vibrant colours and texture acrylic and oil paintings. She is passionate about creating beautiful artwork for others, and they are all an extension of who she is.

You can follow her on Instagram (@artbythiviyaa) and check out her paintings on her webpage at

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