Half coconut with a yellow flower in it. The coconut and background is black and white and the flower is the only thing in colour.

Meditation – Secrets

Have I not been listening to you speak?
Ignoring the path you laid open?
Stubbornly clinging to my physical senses.
Deflecting what I felt didn’t fit,
a world I saw through five senses.

How do apologize for the dam I built,
stopping the river that connected us.
Admit the pain I felt was because
I didn’t have faith in me to be worthy of you –
when all you gave me was unconditional acceptance.

The truth that I am the light within the flame


© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


AN: Feeling reflective with this coming full moon, and inspired by conversations with my full moon workshop women. 


4 thoughts on “Meditation – Secrets”

  1. Hi Manivillie,

    I heard CBC has a poetry contest closing at the end of May. There’s a small entry fee, and 600 word limit if you’re interested.
    : )
    A poem or collection of poems.

    You must have a collection…?

    Liked by 1 person

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