Girl sitting on a Motorcycle

Cosmic Dance

Move to the song in your heart,
the music that is your own.
Vibrations at the highest level,
a dance with the cosmos.
Movement and motion,
in perfect synchronicity.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Today is National Dance Day in Canada :). Dancing always helps me get rid of tension and makes me feel connected to my mission in life. Movement is still the thing that helps me process joy, loss, pain, and love. So I hope you get out and enjoy National Dance Day today.

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Dance”

  1. = )
    Dancing memories take me back to many interesting times through the years!
    Thank you.
    Can you please explain or describe for me a little more what you meant by, “Vibrations at the highest level…”


    1. Hi Larry, sorry for the late response.

      I have been meditating during this time of self-isolation and learning about it. One of the main ideas is that everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. The frequency we put out attracts the things that come into our lives. In general negative emotions are lower frequencies, and positive ones are higher. For example, fear produces the lowest vibrations and attracts difficulties, while love, hope, and joy are higher vibrations and attract abundance.

      So when you let go and give yourself to the love of the universe – which is how I feel when I dance – you are putting out those positive vibrations. There are some links below in case you are curious – some very specific about the Hertz of different vibrations.

      A Complete Guide to Raise Your Vibrations –

      The Ultimate User’s Guide To Clearing Negative Energy & Raising Positive Vibration Through Meditation

      6 Powerful Solfeggio Frequencies that Raise Your Vibration

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