Full moon painting on white bullet journal paper, in tones of grey and purple.
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Pink Moon

In this moment you are reborn,
discarding the skin you wore;
for the comfort of others,
while denying your true force.

In this light you shine,
casting away the shadows
that cling to your power,
rebalancing the scales.

In this night you find sanctuary,
in the solace of your soul.
Untangling the webs of reality
to seek peace in your inner realm.

In this moon you are power,
taking back the strength withheld.
A time of rest and healing,
a shining path to your purpose.

Tonight, embrace this truth
your body is the present
the universe gave your soul.
A reminder that your will
cannot be contained.
And love is your gift to life.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: This week we saw the Libra Super Moon, also known as the Pink Moon since it ushers in spring. I have the honour of being a part of this powerful circle of women who celebrate the full moon, and it is something new to me. However, I am so appreciative of the group and what I have learned about myself through this journey with them.

One of the facilitators asked me if I could share a poem to end the night on a note of celebration. I wanted to create a piece that honored the energy of the circle and the power of the full moon. So I drafted this poem before our session last night, picking up on the themes of self-love, empowerment, justice, and clarity that this moon is supposed to bring.

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