A hand painting the word poetry in black paint on a grifetti wall.

Toronto Writer’s Collective Workshop & Feature

Last year, I decided to take ownership of my writing and develop my skills. With that in mind, I ended up looking for programs to participate in when I landed on the Toronto Writer’s Collective (TWC) Mentorship program.

I was accepted into the program, and it was some of the most creative periods of my life. Over the next couple of months, I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Connors, who mentored approximately 12 of us. Every Saturday, we would meet and share new or old creations with the group. Using writing prompts, we stretched our ability to express ourselves and try to push past our limits or our perception of our limits.

2 TWC Anthologies
The TWC Anthologies

The TWC believes in promoting diverse voices and creating safe spaces. The individuals I met through the workshops had a variety of experiences and heartfelt stories to tell, with their uniques voices.

The outcome of the mentorship program was the production of 2 anthologies released in April, which due to Coronavirus, is on hold. April is National Poetry Month in Canada, and TWC working with the Festival of Authors featured my poem “Beauty” on the Festival of Authors page.

That itself was an honour! However, I read the words of my mentor, and that brought me to tears.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 5.46.47 PM

We tend to get caught in our world of words, that we forget that these words leave us and impact others once they leave our souls.

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