Free verse, Poem

When You Remember

They taught you to be everyone
but yourself.
An angel, vixen, girlfriend,
wife, and mother.

they told you to live as an adjunt
the supportive trunk to
everyone’s dream
while you buried yours
roots to a great foundation.

They told you to love everyone
but yourself.
To give and give until
every ounce of you was empty.

The taught you to exist as a ghost
Hidden, unnoticed, but there
always lingering under the surface,
empty shells.

They told you…
but you stopped listening
Remembered that
you are made to create
to dream, to build, and to lead.
You are the culmination
of the will of the universe.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Wishing you a wonderful International Womxn Day!

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