Event Announcement: Nuit Blanche 2018

Nuit Blanche is a big deal in Toronto. It is perhaps the most significant art show our city has. But what makes it so unique, is that it’s free!
Every exhibit and every show are accessible to the public, including young people like me, who didn’t necessarily grow up surrounded by art as a form of expression. Some pieces moved me, others confused me, and there were a few that made me go, “WTF.” I have grown up attending the event and then took a break for a while – ya know, life and all those excuses.
I started attending again because my very talented friend, Art by Thiviyaa, was showing at Nuit Blanche. Going back as an adult, I appreciated the event more. Last year I went with a friend who had just moved here from Syria. He loved the art and the expression of Canadian culture. Hanging out with him reminded me how art speaks to all of us differently and how it transcends language barriers. Nuit Blanche is a celebration of the way art impacts our lives and creates something better. Literally, the white light in the dark night sky.
I am so honoured to be part of one of the Nuit Blanche exhibits this year. Three of my poems are included in the, “Faces of Scarborough” Exhibit by Diaspora Dialogues; a celebration of all the things that make us unique and part of this vast mosaic.

I hope you will be able to make it out and support local artists.

Manivillie Nuit Blanche 2018 (1)
About Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche Toronto is a free, annual, city-wide celebration of contemporary art, produced by the City of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto’s arts community.
For one sleepless night, from sunset to sunrise, the familiar is discarded and Toronto is transformed into an artistic playground for a series of exhilarating contemporary art experiences in unexpected public spaces.

Since 2006, this award-winning event has featured nearly 1,400 art installations by approximately 4,900 artists, generating over $311 million in economic impact for Toronto.

PC 📸: Crazy amount of love to the one and only @artbythiviyaa for making me this awesome poster!!!🙌🏼 #sisterhood#werisetogether #talentedfriends .

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