Free verse

34/2017: Death of the Rain Maker

I constantly live in a state of “it’s better than…”

It’s better than nothing
It’s better than death
It’s better than there
It’s better than…

I don’t want to live
comparing myself to those
who are seen to be failing.
I want to fly higher than
the expectations I gave myself
when I dreamed in secret
and imagined I was…

Mata Hari
and Rosa Parks
all in one.

I was the change maker,
the beacon in the night,
that none would cross for
fear of being burned by my light.
I held the world in my hand
and commanded the will of men.
Demanding they be better –
we be better.
Instead, I exist…

in a place that is better than…

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

Image from Pixabay: Artist – Flachovatereza

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