18/2017: Sri Lanka

You cast me away
and pull me back in
as if I am seaweed,
on the ocean,
floating on the waves,
my direction determined
by the surge of your will,
your need and your want.
The intense force of your
storm belied by the gentleness
by which your waves caress
the beach.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Had an amazing week organizing a very successful conference with the Northern and Eastern Provincial Health and Education Ministries. It was a great experience and re-connected me to my passion for “international development” and sustainable community and gender development. However, it made me laugh as I thought my life was heading in a different direction but it seemed like, as soon as I told the universe I was ready to pursue certain things, the course it sent me in was towards this conference and other opportunities.


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