Poems with Author's Note, Rhyming

Day 357: Sisters by Love (Dharshi/Anni)

Weaving those family ties
to keep connections strong
she won’t stand for lies,
and turn a blind eye to wrongs.

A fierce protector in a sari
she guards those who are hers
for her heart see the beauty
of each of our true colours.

She is the calm in the storm
who willingly scarifies her fire
to keep her family warm
this sister-in-law we all admire.

(c) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy 

AN: My sister-in-law’s birthday today. Almost 20 years since she came in to our lives and expanded our family. She not only supports my brother, and trust me he can be a pain, the way she cares for my niece (also a pain – maybe genetic 🤔) is amazing and reassures me that they are blessed and will be fine. She also gave us a whole other family to love and care about – her brothers and sister, and their children. Blessing us in so many many lucky ways. 

Happy Birthday Anni. 

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