Random Thoughts: T-10 Days

So today is Day 356, 10 days until the challenge is over. I have had people ask me if I am going continue into 2017, and I have enjoyed this experience far too much not to 🙂

However, I am making some changes to the blog, which I am very excited about as it will allow me to collaborate and meet other artists. More on that later!

On a personal poetry challenge front, I have a request – My question to you, bloggers, subscribers, and supporters, is ideas on how to take the Poem a Day Challenge to the “next level.”

I ask as I am looking for simple or complex ways to challenge myself, so I don’t default into a habit and am always pushing myself and thus my writing.

One suggestion from my sister, which is going be tough for me is to post by 4 pm, Toronto time. As WordPress is 5 hours ahead of Toronto, my late night posts usually end up the day “after” I post them here is Toronto. So her challenge was to try to write my poems earlier in the day.

I would welcome any other ideas or suggestions that people may have.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

Thank you,





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