Day 319: I Dream of Flames

If I could be anything, I would be fire,
stirring the heart, so it would never tire.

Buring brightly and hot, a temptation for all,
but alas, only the strongest would not fall.

Within my flames, all the colours would reside,
passionately devouring the lies that we hide.

Flames mesmerize with reflections of truth and beauty,
burn off the hardened layers of your simplicity.

Smoke signals like coded messages to the skies,
challenging the sleeping souls to rise.

Dance of flickering light, pass your first test,
gaze deeply in and seek your life’s quest.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Inspired by this beautiful video, shared on my friend’s Facebook. The video is Elementalist Lux Login Theme by Bruno Kuran. As I watched the changing faces; the fire persona struck me with its blend of peace, rage and “badassery” (I tried to find a better word) just spoke to me.

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