Free verse

Day 316: Remember Them

To those who took up arms
and those who fought with words
to keep the peace
and right the wrongs.

Your strength and scarifice
in a world gripped by fear
reminds us to be better
and speak kinder.

So mothers will not
have to give up children
and children would never
have to hold a flag
instead of a parent.

Never forget the poppies
that marked the fallen
those remaining pinned
close to out hearts.

The sounds of tears
as they fall on
broken ruins laying
upon bodies of

The feel of feet
walking tentatively 
on native lands
no longer sure of
the path lost to
hidden bombs.

Rememeber all the
warriors who walk
knowingly into that
world to keep our
world safe and sound.

lest we forget that
there are no winners in war
but places left with
broken hearts
broken bodies
broken lives.

(c) Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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