Free verse

Day 314: Politicking States

By tomorrow I will remember
it wasn’t all Americans
or a landslide victory.

Tomorrow I will remember
that the American spirit
is one that fights and rebels.

Tomorrow I will remember
that America is the biggest influencer
of social change
even as when it commits
the worst acts.

Tomorrow I will remember
America is flawed but honest.


I am allowing myself time to process
all the worst case scenarios playing
in my head and heart.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: This poem came from a conversation with my friend Thiviyaa. I was speaking – let’s be honest, ranting, about all the things I was worried about as the outcome of the very divisive USA election. When she said “Ya but that doesn’t mean it’s over.”

She reminded me that just because something unexpected happened doesn’t mean you don’t keep pushing for changes in things that are flawed. That said, though, I need today just to react :). So thanks Thiviyaa for the inspiration and hope.

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