Day 313: Red Lipstick (First Date Anticipation part 2)

Was it the black dress with the heels,
On which picture did I truly appeal?

Tease the hair to bounce joyfully,
connected with words light and airy.

Did I cut my hair since that photo?
Darn it, do my gray strands show?

Does this makeup look too old-?
Nah, red lipstick says I am bold.

Does he look at me and see the girl,
who gave his heart a little twirl?

Will I still be the one,
that he swiped right on.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: My best friend Sandra read the last line of yesterday’s poem as the writer trtung to remain like the photo – I hadn’t meant it that way but when I reread it, I realized it worked. This lead me to thinking about something said to me by Toronto Pubic Library Poet Laureate, Brett Daniels, when he was critiquing my work. He said to remember that poetry is a conversation between the poet and the audience and meaning is fluid.

So in honour of both – I hope you enjoyed today’s poem.

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