Day 309: Tell Her I Miss Her

Where is that girl
with the brown gaze
that sees into souls?

The one with
the fearless demeanor,
that takes no prisoners
and claims all hearts to be hers.

When did those tired
eyes stop seeing,
all the wonder,
the hope,
the possibilities?

How did she start believing,
what the world told her,
the stars proclaimed for her,
what people declared for her?

Where is she,
my steeled eyed girl,
with the hungry soul,
the unbending spirit?

If you see her,
tell her I miss her,
that I have not been complete
since she retreated so far,
that even as I gaze in the mirror,
I can no long find a glimpse
of her.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Edited and Revised – this is a poem I submitted for the CBC Poetry Contest.

The poem above is part of a series that I submitted to the CBC Poetry Contest and sadly did not make the next round. Rereading it, I could see where I needed to improve and where my flaws were, and before posting changed it a bit. It was terrifying and a challenge to send it, but I wanted to do it, just to get over the nervousness of submitting.

I am the sort who dives in recklessly on try 1, re-assess and then dives in carefully the 2nd time. I am not sure if this is always the best way to do something, but I find it takes care of any of my nervousness because I know, as long as I have done it once, I can do it again 🙂

Any tips for submitting?


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