Free verse

Day 306: Life of an Entrepreneur

Race against time,
keep my goals in mind.
Moving forward,
no stopping till
I am done.

Feet to the pavement,
hands outreaching,
catching ever lead.

Out of breath
out of time.


the ideas
the hopes
the only way left.

Can’t go back
restart the engine
and catch
the next ride,
the wave

Only way
to keep floating
is to ride.
Casting the net,
even when all you see
is the water rushing
through the holes.

Adrift in the ocean,
you paddled yourself to
Sitting on the board
wondering if you are lost,
searching for land.

Knowing you are close,
because you can feel
the ripples from
the boats slowly
coming closer.

So you float
and you cast
and you wait.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy


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