Free verse

Day 299: Trailblazers 

When will carries you forward,
each step toward that great cause
you know you cannot fall
as you have the fate of
others laying on your shoulders
and the will of many
pushing you softly from the back.

As you tire, your feet swollen,
you remind yourself this pain is
nothing but an echoes of loss,
that this pain is something,
you never want another to feel
that this pain you would have taken,
if only to bring them back.

Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters,
pieces of a family puzzle,
gaping reminders of their absence,
incomplete tableaus
that you hope life never paints again.

Trailblazer, building a long path
to better dreams and lives.
The thud of your feet
vibrating in the hearts of those around.
Creating a harmony of sounds,
of voices, hearts, and resolves,
to remember, to unite
to heal.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Inspired by the amazing work (and will) of my cousin, who is walking from the Northern most point of Sri Lanka to the Southern most point. The entire journey will take 28 days, ending on November 2, 2016. The purpose of the walk is to raise 5 million dollars to build a new cancer treatment facility in Galle. This is the 2nd walk, the first walk held, sucessfully in 2011, raised over 2 million dollars to build the Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital (Northern Jaffna).  

You can find out more about the Trail SL project here, including how to donate. 

The Trail TED talk:

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