Day 297: Ugly Duckling


Photo Credit: Graphic Stock & Edits: Photo Candy

I always wonder if
she found peace
when she became a swan.

If the other ducks
finally saw the value
or if for all
her struggle,
her transformation,
she remained
an unwanted “other.”

Would she have traded
her snow white feathers
for the earthen connection
of brown.

Her song for a quack,
because what was the point
of owning a beautiful
swan song,
when no one could hear
it’s sorrow
or echo its pain.

Did she fly away,
to find a place where
she finally blended in?

Or remain stubbornly still,
a glowing reflection of light,
demanding others take notice
stop and stare,
as she would no longer
hide for their ease.

If you give me the choice
I know which ending
I would have created.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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