Free verse

Day 295: Emergency Waiting Rooms

Stories without meaning,
broken conversations
from blatant eavesdropping.

Non-sequitur glimpses of life,
he passed, she was born,
they came back.

Forts of love and protection
built by huddling human forms,
held tight.

As if it were the only way,
to stop floating away,
each breath synchronized .

Breathe in,
we will know soon
breathe out,
no news is good news
breathe in,
the doctor is coming
breathe out,
square shoulders, get ready.

Catching the rise and fall
of chests,
trying desperately
to exhale,
fearful each breath
will stay locked in
a cold wind over the heart.

Watch throats swallow
fingers fidget ,
feet pacing,
joy in some mouths
tears in some eyes.

Tune into the station,
the show in the room
tune out of the reason
that you are waiting.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN:  Apologies, this is yesterday’s post but having some trouble getting it online. 

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