Free verse

Day 249: Missing Appa (Dad)

I will always search for you
in the fine silken threads
of white Vaetti and shirt,
in grey hairs and dark skin
and eyes laughing behind glasses.
This is unchanging and true.

You are there in
glasses that magnify the
love and respect within,
The belief that humanity
is inherently good.

I seek you in words
that move me
speeches without end
knowledge shared freely
and words crafted in care.

I see you in fragments,
long fingers tapping the
rhythms of classic dance and song.
Tall bodies, limping from
stubborn decisions.
Aged frames which hide
childish wonder and
a witty mind.

You are the band at the beginning,
the dramatic stripe at the end,
wrapping around in protection,
a mix of the past you left behind
and the future you sought.

Though you only wore white,
You were the stripe of golden colour
On the edges of the Vaetti,
brightening our otherwise plain lives.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: It’s my dad’s birthday today, he would have been 81. A year and a bit since he passed and I still miss his wisdom. He would have been so proud of my taking on this challenge; he always wanted me to write. I am sad that I didn’t do it when he was around but also know he is in all the words I write.


IMG_2197 2
My dad and I.  Photo courtesy: Ramya J Images


Tamil words:

Appa = Dad

Vaetti = It is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually around 4.5 metres (15 ft) long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist. (Wiki)

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