Free verse

Day 248: The Undefinable (Sandra)

When silence held my tongue,
you undid the stitches that
woven across my lips.

As I tried to crack open,
windows in trapped rooms,
I had built around myself,
you reminded me that
I was already outside.

I imagine you like the wind,
catching us up in your current,
but you quickly become the sun,
calm and warming.

Sometimes you are the storm,
urging me to move,
to steer the ship
upon which I had lazily
set sail.

Other days you are the sea,
the soulful waves upon
which I can rest my
hurting heart.

But alway you are
a force of love and guidance.
A friend with no compare.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: To start, I need to apologise, this poem was supposed to go up on May 16, but I couldn’t get in the right headspace to create it. I couldn’t help the amount of pressure I put on myself to finish it. Sandra is the only one of my best friends group from high school, who is not in Toronto. Distance, coupled with her aversion to social media (though we are wearing her down) means I don’t always get the chance to tell her how special she is. So when I get the chance, I want every word to be perfect.

You ever have that friend, who is both your biggest cheerleader and person who will tell you off in a heartbeat. That’s my best friend, Sandra. We became friends in Grade 10 when I ended up missing almost a month of classes because of surgeries. I was in a panic about catching up when Janny, told me to ask Sandra. It turned out Sandra was in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my classes. We connected over shared notes and had been best friends since.

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