Day 222: King Sisyphus

I think I understand how King Sisyphus felt,
every time he almost conquered that damn rock.
It just rolled back down to where he had first knelt
and prayed this was the last time he took this walk.

Struggling to the end, only to see it all come undone.
Clawing back your need for a fruitless grab,
starting to question if you were the smartest one,
this woeful punishment, that was Zeus’ lasting jab.

Dear King Sisyphus, a deceitful path you created,
a karmic route that rock did follow,
but  what I want to know is where I courted,
a dance with this unforgiving shadow.

If you did not mind these words that I spoke,
and if the task is not too herculean,
can the universe stop playing this joke,
where moving on is simply Sisyphean.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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