Free verse

Day 213: Caribana

The movement of the colours
echo the beating hearts of the dancers.

The carnival lights up the day,
reflecting the brilliance of the sun
in the eyes of the people.

You want to stand still
but instead feel your feet move,
to rhythms of songs,
from the past
that blend to harmonies
of the present,
casting the music
felt by all future

In these moments,
all time converges
the past and future
within reach of the
dancers steps.

The audience held enchanted
by the sway of the hips,
the intricacies of the fingers
and display on each person’s
soul laid bare on the streets.

Come join us, they say,
enjoy what it is to be alive,
celebrate all that you are
and fear not because
you are simply

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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