Couplets, Rhyming

Day 201: Finding Your Way

When you are left wondering what your life’s lot is,
do you surrender to the force of nature that you fought?

Is there a grand master plan, to explain your path
or merely a great illusion created to control your wrath?

If reality stems from some divine being glorious dream,
do I need to stop and wake you midstream?

Instead, were life created by my will and my choices,
let me surround my heart with other loud voices.

Build a fort from the stones of cast my way,
a place where I know, I will be okay.

Retreat, recover, heal and pray,
let my soul lead me astray.

Find the road I should be walking,
Rather than just sitting here talking.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy
 Forest road. Landscape.

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