Free verse

Day 131: Perfect

Brown eyes capture my gaze,
And I lean in slightly,
Drawn to the face that house these bottomless orbs.

A small, wide nose flares in exertion,
While full lips gasp for air,
I pull you closer,
Watching the moments pass through these eyes.

Your mother’s care, your father’s worry,
A lover’s gaze, fleeting touches, memories
It is there,
It is written.

Your body poised, for eternity, it seems,
Every muscle, every tendon straining,
Your sleek form coiled,
Ready, waiting, mine!

I shudder and thrust deep,
Watching the blood flow free
Losing myself in the moment,
I move fast and slash up.

A perfect kill, a perfect killer.

Your body twitches in its final moments,
As I watch you at my feet,
Blood flowing freely between us now,
The cuts at my side gaping with each breath.

My dispassionate gaze watches as they continue to fight,
Pushing back lines, giving no quarter.
Knees buckling, I fall in agony,

Distorted voices cry in triumph,
The sounds of victory dim,
As victor and victim become intertwined

And in the field lie the bodies,
Without name, without nation,
Destinies entangled,
Hands outstretched,
Waiting for a peace never known.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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