Day 124: Time

The hands on the clock keep ticking,
asking me what I was thinking?

Did I believe that hours would wait,
For me to stop all the self-hate.

I stayed stuck in my bubble,
Unwilling to face others’ chortle.

Putting my heart on someone else’s sleeve,
Seemed the easiest way to be deceived.

Within these glass walls, I lingered,
Watching people live unfiltered.

While I acted transparently by design,
But in reality, I was just life’s concubine.

Playing at the part,
Too afraid to start.

So caught up that when you finally arrived,
All my actions seemed too contrived.

As I tried to break from this cage,
I had to become my own wise sage.

That I had built a diamond hard shell,
Which slowly became my personal hell.

Now I start to chip away, let the shards fall,
Embrace the cuts, the sparkle and love it all.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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