Couplets, Poem

Day 112: To All of You

I started this journey,
Fully convinced I was a phoney.

Trying to string words together,
In the hopes, I would soon get better.

Every day a new challenge, thought or expression,
My very own call to action.

With unwavering support, these offerings were received ,
Until I could do little but believe.

That these keystrokes were not just random thoughts,
But were a collection of life’s subplots.

And as I learn day by day,
I am a poet, as they say!

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: SPECIAL THANKS to my best friend Wendy, who gave me the last couplet when I was stuck.

AN: A special Thank You to everyone who keeps supporting me and encouraging me as I reconnect with my hidden writer. Due to the constant encouragement and support, I feel guilty and disappointed in myself when I am about to miss a day. Soo I scramble and write, sometimes great things, other times, things I wonder what I was thinking.

But because of this process and the challenge, I am happy to announce that one of my previous poems “Spring Sunrise” was accepted to be published in the Scarbrough Art Poetry book for Spring.

Tonight is the opening reception for a month-long celebration of spring (art and poetry). Details are below.

Join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, April 21, from 6 PM – 8 PM at the Bluffs Gallery. We will celebrate with live music, magical performances, refreshments, and mingling with Scarborough’s vibrant arts community.

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