Day 109: The Artist (Janny)

Paint my fears between the lines,
Drawing borders to trap the pain,
Easing the moments with a laugh and wine,
Taking all the sorrows my heart contains.

Draw the joys in my world,
Breathing breath to my dreams,
Show me life unfurled,
Laughter laughing in sunbeams.

Create the beginning, the middle and end,
Our story told from childhood,
The manner in which our fates began to blend
Until every stroke laid as it should.

To my dearest friend,
In all, we dared and shared,
You were my saving godsend,
Even in times when I despaired.

The artist you will always be,
The half of this unlikely pair,
You taught me to be free,
To try everything with flare.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: To my best friend, Janny, on her birthday today. She is the most loyal and fiercest friend and I wish her all the joys in the world. 

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