Free verse, Poem

Day 108: Dance

Share this dance with me,
Let our feet take turns
To lead and follow,
Until two individual bodies
Become a choreographed movement.

Allow me to lay my feet on yours
To share my burden
While you carry my tired heart
You long steps making small
The trepidations in me.

Lay our hands in each other,
Bounded by trust,
So even when we are not touching,
We are still connected.

Move with me,
Your body curled around mine,
Protecting, sheltering,
Expanding as we grown.

Throw me to the wind with abandon,
Let me fly, soar and fall,
Full of the surety
I will caught
Nestled in your arms.

Share this dance with me,
Trust me with your song
And I will give you mine.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Inspired by watching this beautiful dance video and the trust that is needed between partners, in life and in dance.

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