Poem, Rhyming

Day 99: And So I Write…

Hateful words spun from merciless​ tongues,
Venomous eyes staring from faces so young,
No reasons needed for chants that stung,
Just scars on memories of heroes​ unsung.

Not sure I can win this fight,
And so I write…

Cold blankets lay on a queen bed,
A silent testament​ to the lies you said,
Promises of forever under which we wed,
Now looking upon these papers with dread.

Waking up today will take all my might,
And so I write…

I write to you of lands unseen,
Creating stories to change my scene,
The conjurer​ of magical beans,
Wipe the board and start again clean.

I know in my heart that this is right,
And so I write…

I write until the words run pure,
Understanding​ that this is my cure,
behind the pen, I am not demure,
I refuse to remain obscure.

I am ready for this fight
And so I will WRITE.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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