Couplets, Poem, Rhyming

Day 77: My Irish Sister

It has been over ten years,
And we have conquered​ many fears.

In a class of twenty fine and brilliant minds,
Our crazy understood that we had found our kind.

Through a life filled with stories so strange,
That even HBO would request a plot change.

We have been at each other’s sides,
A friendship continuously fortified.

So on this day, when we celebrate,
The will and strength of the Irish state.

I thank the luck of the Irish,
That granted my friendship wish.

So this St. Paddy’ Day,
Let’s continue to disobey,

All the rules of who we should be,
And simply continue to run free.

​© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Just an attempt for a fun poem for my best friend Wendy. 

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