Free verse, Poem

Day 70: Heart Break

Scream into the void,
Capture the moment, the voices
The pressure builds,
Three Hearts break.

My body is not my own,
In this moment, in this time,
The pain belongs
To the world bound by custom.

A hidden scar,
Rubbed raw with each breath,
Each moment, each whisper
Finding no comfort in known roles

Words woven in tussle silk,
Raw and fine,
Delicate in the narrative it spins,
Patterns of love lost and frozen moments.

The colours of sunset
Red and gold upon broken brown
An ornamental body
Is all that is left.

Your memories tied to the
Sari that drapes this body
To be discarded at the whim
Of an “honourable” man

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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