Free verse, Poem

Day 63: Diamonds

Weight bears down,
An unbearable pressure,
Of breathless flights.
Trapped within my mind,
Shifting mazes, tilting floors,
Chasing Cronos through closing doors.
Withering hand struggle
To hold loving connections,
Mosaic memories refracted in light.
Sacrifice and passion
Collide in transition
Transformation found in sparks.
Brilliant diamonds of fiery will,
Icy polish of bright minds,
Radiant glows of a pure soul.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: No pressure, No diamonds. Inspired by a conversation with my friend Shana, who is pursuing her Ph.D. and parenting a three-year-old. A reminder of how much stronger we  have to become in order to channel and change the pressure that faces us, becoming diamonds in the sky. 

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