Free verse, Poem

Day 62: Soulmate

Another restless night,
A painful dawn.
No one to chase away the ghosts,
And painful memories of the past.
It would be so easy
To find someone to hold me
But my tortured heart
Needs more
I need you…

I need the white knight,
The crazy to my wild,
Listless feelings,
of wanton desire.
A life half lived,
In listless sleep,
I keep calling for you.

A promised love from faded threads,
Picture was drawn by looms of fate,
Sometimes deeds burned bright,
Sacrifices that gifted me,
In this life,
I am still searching,
I don’t know how to find you,
Wondering if you got lost,
On your path to finding me.

But I still hold out,
For that soulmate I see,
The one who meets me
In my dreams.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

AN: Recently I unearthed a box of my old journals and books. I had forgotten how much I used to write. This was originally a shorter poem written for my best friend during high school.

IMG_4513 2

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